The Best Way to Get Black Hair Dye Out of Hair

By Lindsay Pietroluongo

Black hair dye can be difficult to remove from hair. Since the black color is ultra saturated, it sticks to your hair strands and goes deep into your hair shaft. Removing black hair dye isn't as simple as applying a new color to your strands. While the process of removing black dye can be a bit long and tedious, it is possible to reverse the effects of too-dark locks. Consider having your hair professionally bleached to cut down on damage.

Fix a dye job if you're not happy with it.

Step 1

Bleach out the black pigments. You'll notice that your hair will change color as more and more color is bleached out. For example, your hair may turns shades or red or orange, or it can even turn white. Make sure to remove the black pigment evenly and bleach until your hair reaches a light color.

Step 2

Use a toner after you've bleached your hair to reduce the orange discoloration.

Step 3

Color your hair using a shade that's close to your natural hair color.

Step 4

Condition your hair using color-protective hair products.

Step 5

Visit a salon if you're having trouble bleaching or coloring your hair or if you're afraid of hair damage. Hair salons will use professional bleach and hair-color removers, which you may not be able to purchase on your own. After bleaching, the salon can also treat and condition your locks.