How to Get Out Semi-Permanent Color in a Day

By Dora Diamond

Semi-permanent hair coloring usually lasts for eight to 20 shampoo applications, yet factors such as the condition or porosity of your hair, the quality of the semi-permanent coloring and your hair texture affect the length of time that coloring naturally fades or is removed. However, you may apply a semi-permanent color to your hair and decide to remove it the day after application. Removal of the semi-permanent coloring is not recommended in one day; however, there are some steps that you can follow to attempt removal of coloring.

Removal of semi-permanent dye depends on the condition of your hair.

Step 1

Shampoo your hair as many times as possible using very hot water and a shampoo high in sulfur content. After several washings, you should notice the color fading.

Step 2

Use hot oil treatments to strip semi-permanent coloring from your hair follicles. Since the condition and type of hair affects this procedure, you must pay attention to the effects of Step 1 and Step 2 on your hair. If you notice color fading with the hot oil treatments, continue to apply and rinse hot oil from your hair; however, if you do not notice any fading, continue on to Step 3.

Step 3

Apply dish washing liquid or liquid laundry detergent to your hair. These agents will remove semi-permanent color and dry out your hair, so you should use either conditioner or hot oil treatments in between wash and rinse cycles.

Step 4

Soak your hair in lemon juice and vinegar for 10 minutes if you have had the semi-permanent hair color on your hair for at least one week. It is not a safe to apply lemon juice and vinegar to your hair within 24 hours of a semi-permanent color application. Your hair will turn green, and you will have to seek a hair care professional if your hair becomes severely damaged.