How to Get Matted Tangled Knots Out of Hair

By Racheal Ambrose

Tangles often appear in medium or long hair, especially after sleeping or after staying outside on a windy day. The tangles will increase in size if you don't remove them; a small knot can turn into a large, messy tangle. Tangles take time and concentration to remove. Fight bad tangles with hair conditioner and detangling spray, which make it easier to comb through the knots. Without these products, removing knots can hurt more than necessary.

A wide-toothed comb helps remove tangles.

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Step 1

Spray the knot with the detangling spray to soak it. Start with the knots at the bottom of the hair. Do not work the spray into the knot with your fingers; it will only make the knot worse. Instead, spray the knot from multiple levels.

Step 2

Pick through the knot with the comb. Start with a strand on the outside of the knot. Use your fingers and the comb to pull apart the knot. Do not pull the hair too hard; it will hurt. Pull apart the knot until it's gone. Follow each strand as you pull it apart. Repeat until all of the knots are gone.

Step 3

Comb slowly through the hair to check for additional tangles.