Hairbrush with strands of hair stuck in it

It is easy to accidentally get your hair brush tangled in your hair, especially if you are trying to curl your hair with a round brush while blow drying. Unfortunately, it is not always so easy to get the brush untangled without pulling out your hair or having to make a cut. If cutting, pulling and putting peanut butter on your hair are completely out of the question, there is a method you can try to remove the brush without destroying your hair.

Relax and do not continue pulling on the brush once it is tangled. Further tugging will only work the bristles further into your hair, making the situation even more hopeless.

Spray some detangling spray all around the brush and don't be afraid of applying too much. The more slipperiness you have around the brush and your hair, the better. You can also spray some conditioner mixed with water on your hair with a clean spray bottle.

Use a comb to remove small parts of hair from the brush. Work slowly and be patient, pulling hair from the brush in very small amounts at a time. Depending on how severe the tangle is, it may take you hours.

Take a pair of scissors and cut some of the bristles from the brush, if you can see them and if the comb isn't working effectively to remove your hair from the brush.

Cut small pieces of your hair from the brush. Do not cut the whole section out, as sometimes you will only need to cut out a thin layer to get the brush out. This is, of course, the last resort after you have tried the above steps.


  • Prevent tangles from happening in the first place by apply leave-in conditioner or detangling spray before you begin styling, and comb your hair with a wide-tooth comb.