How to Get MAC Eye Shadow Out of the Container

By Kent Page McGroarty

Women love MAC eye shadows for their durability; only small amounts of the shadow are needed to create a big impact. For this reason, one MAC eyeshadow for about $12 can last a very long time. MAC eye shadows come in individual containers and such loose containers can be hard to keep track of or find in your makeup bag. If you would like to add MAC shadows to your eye shadow palette removing the shadow from its plastic container is a relatively simple process.

MAC eye shadows and be removed and placed in your eye shadow palette.
Open the lid of the MAC shadow.

Open the MAC eye shadow lid. Under the lid opening there should be a line or ridge in the front center of the container. This is where the plastic eyeshadow pan sits in the container.

Wiggle the pointed end of the knife to pop out the eyeshadow pan.

Take the pointed end of the knife to this ridge and wiggle the knife back and forth being careful not to jam the knife in the ridge. Move the knife until the eyeshadow pan pops out. The pan and the container are now separated. The pan will contain a smaller metal pan that the eyeshadow is kept in.

Step 3

Turn the flat iron on the lowest setting and let it sit for one to two minutes before putting a small piece of wax paper between the metal clamps of the iron. Set the eyeshadow pot between the clamps and allow to sit for five to 10 minutes, depending on the heat of the flat iron. Keep checking on it so shadow, plastic or wax paper does not melt.

Step 4

Take the eyeshadow pan out of the flat iron clamps and flip it over. There should be a small indent in the middle of the pan. Take the tip of the knife and carefully poke at this indent, turning it to make a small hole.

Use the knife to lift the metal pan out of the plastic pan taking care not to burn yourself.

Turn the knife until you notice the metal eyeshadow pan starting to pop out of the plastic pan. Place the knife underneath the metal pan and lift it out of the plastic pan. Allow to cool.

Step 6

Place a round 3/4 inch magnet on the bottom of the metal pan followed by a 3/4 inch sticker for labeling. Stick the container in your eye makeup palette and use as desired.