How to Get Knots Out of Long Hair

By LeafTV Editor

Getting knots out of long hair can sometimes cause more damage than just leaving the knots in. The wrong technique can cause split ends or broken hair shafts. Follow these steps to get the knots out of your long hair and keep it healthy.

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How To Get Knots Out Of Long Hair

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Spray your hair with a detangler. Concentrate on coating the ends of your long hair.

Part your hair down the middle. Tackling the knots in smaller sections will make it easier.

Pull half of your long hair onto your shoulder so you can see what you are doing as you work on the knots.

Start at the ends and brush your hair in short strokes. Do not try to brush more than a few inches from the end at a time. Use gentle brush strokes to avoid breaking or ripping your hair. Continue moving higher until the knots are out of this section of hair.

Brush your hair from your scalp all the way to the ends to get the remainder of the knots out. Go slowly. Your long hair may get new knots as you try to work the brush through it. Continue this step until this half of your long hair has no knots.

Repeat Steps 4 and 5 with the other half of your hair. When finished, brush slowly through the entire length of your hair to make sure all of the knots are out.


  • It is easier to get knots out of long hair that is conditioned every other day.

  • If your hair is frizzy as well as long, use a defrizzing serum instead of the detangler.