Beach Dream

Julia Roberts has become one of the most popular and marketable female celebrities of the last decade, and her dazzling smile and trademark red tresses are the envy of fans worldwide. You may never be one of the most beautiful people in the world according to "People," but you can achieve the elegant beauty of Roberts' hairstyle with a few simple tips.

Don't be a slave to fashion. When others are going stick-straight, Roberts sports spiraled locks. When short is in, the mega-star bucks the trend by growing out her tresses. Julia has a mind of her own, and a style to match.

Create Julia's signature, sexy curls by applying a mixture of styling gel and shine serum to your damp hair, from your scalp to the ends. Work the products through with a wide-tooth comb, making sure they are evenly distributed. Clip upper layers on top of your head, and begin drying your hair from the bottom layers up to your roots. Always use a diffuser on your dryer, to prevent a frizzy look as your hair dries. When your hair is 80 percent dry, select a few random sections, creating spirally barrel curls with a large curling iron. Avoid a completely symmetrical look, and don't go overboard with the added curls. Finger-twist each completed curl, and get a medium-weight styling spritz for hold. You'll find some great examples of Roberts' trademark look at (see Resources below).

Get Roberts' sophisticated, straight look by combing a dollop of straightening balm through your towel-dried hair. Using a large round or paddle brush, blow-dry from underneath to increase body while straightening your style. When your hair is nearly dry, spritz it with EZ Iron Straightening Spray by George Caroll, and press with a large, ceramic or tourmaline flat iron. Use a touch of mist or wax pomade to smooth frizzy ends.

Achieve Julia's coppery color by using a high-lift tint for light hair, adding contrasting highlights to increase shine. If you're moving from dark brown to Julia-red, use a two-step process, bleaching your hair first and then following it with a red toner. Do not attempt to achieve Roberts' color on your own, as each person requires personalized adjustments to avoid an orange or pinkish tint. Have a salon colorist rework your hair color to avoid potential tress tragedy.

Part your hair down the middle, twist the back into a French curl and allow your shorter, side layers to hang down and brush your ears. Julia showed off this sexy, tousled updo on the red carpet in 2002.