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If you are looking to unleash your inner "girl next door", Jennifer Love Hewett is your ideal hair icon. Part of Jennifer's fame is due to her long flowing tresses and simple elegance seen on and off the red carpet. Whether you are styling your own medium-length or long brown hair, or just want to emulate one of her ever-changing hairstyles, you too can rock a Jennifer Love Hewett-inspired, daytime or evening hair look.

Experiment with colors. Jennifer's natural hair shade is brown but Jennifer dyes her hair different colors to change up her look. Dark reds, black, and rich browns are the hair colors that suit her best.

Get extensions to add length. Jennifer wears hair extensions to add volume and create flowing tresses that suit her heart shaped face.

Try a layered style to frame your face. Have mid length layers cut in the front blending into longer layers down the back to offer a versatile style.

Go with an elegant style for special occasions. For special evening events, pin the hair around your crown back, and let the back section hang loose in soft curls to create a sophisticated look.

Cut some bangs similar to Jennifer's to change your hair texture and add more styling options. Jennifer's full razor cut bangs work well with straight or wavy styles sweep to the side for a softer look.