How to Get Free Starbucks Coupons

By Pauline Gill

If you love the taste of coffee, chances are you love Starbucks. Originally a West Coast coffee, today Starbucks coffee is available across the United States, even in stores such as Target. For those who need that coffee fix each morning while driving to work, consider registering with Starbucks. It's the first step towards getting free Starbucks coupons.

Have your travel mug ready for your free Starbucks coffee.

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Step 1

The first step for getting free coupons is registering with Starbucks. Register at the Starbucks website. Click the "Your Account" link. Create a user name and password. Fill in your email address and check off the boxes indicating how you would like to receive information. You should receive free coupons by email.

Step 2

Register a Starbucks card. You can purchase a Starbucks card on the website or at a Starbucks store. Starbucks cards have values of $15 to $100, which you can reload from $5 to $100. You don't pay a fee for the card, just the amount you want for a value of the card. There is no expiration date. You may receive a gift card as well. Once you register your card, you will receive free coupons in the mail as well as discount coupons.

Step 3

Purchase a pound of Starbucks coffee using your Starbucks card. You will receive a free coffee. Ask for a coupon instead, so you can get the coffee at another time, if you prefer. If you purchase the coffee online, you will receive a free coupon.

Step 4

Check the online Starbucks Store. The Starbucks Store may have coupons periodically.