Tight, short dreadlocks tend to stand up naturally, a look that's often undesirable and discouraged with a nighttime nylon cap. Once your dreads have matured and lay down, you might find yourself wanting to stand them up temporarily in an eye-catching style. Chances are, all the product in the world won't give your dreads enough hold to stand - and you don't want to put too much product on your dreads, anyway. Instead, try a simply trick for making short dreads stand up.

Cut a piece of wire about three times longer than your dreads.

Wrap the wire around the dreads, starting from the scalp. You can use brown, black or tan wire that blends in to your hair color, or use brightly colored wire for a funky look.

Trim any excess wire that extends past the dread, if necessary.

Straighten the wire-wrapped dreadlock into the desired position. Repeat with other individual dreads to finish the look.


  • This is a temporary style; remove the wires before going to bed.

  • The wires can be reused several times.

  • Purchase plastic coated craft wires at craft stores and online