How to Get Cowboy Boots on Easily

By Gwen Wark

The iconic cowboy boot has become a symbol for a particular lifestyle. Worn with jeans, skirts and even suits, this footwear represents a free, pioneering spirit and is particularly popular in American Western wear. These tall boots originally protected the feet and calves of ranchers and riders, extending protection from both outside dangers and rubbing from stirrups after long hours in the saddle. Cowboy boots are closely and precisely fitted, and getting them over your calves and onto your feet requires a certain technique and practice.

Cowboy boots are so practical they are still used today in riding.

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Step 1

Put on your jeans, trousers or skirt and any other leg wear, including socks. Socks should be closely fitted to avoid bunching. Socks should also be made of a moisture-wicking material to make wearing cowboy boots more comfortable.

Step 2

Sit down and pull up the legs of your long pants if the boots are to be worn inside your clothes. If you are wearing the boots outside of your clothes, pull your socks down, fold your trousers tight against your leg and then pull your sock up to cover your trousers. This keeps your trousers smooth while pulling on your boot.

Step 3

Place the correct boot in front of your foot and grasp both sides, holding the boot open. If the boot has loops for boot pulls, attach the boot pulls to the loops inside the boot and hold one pull in each hand.

Step 4

Point your toe and pull the boot upwards over your foot, then push your heel into the heel of the boot. Remove the boot pulls if necessary.