How to Get a Job With Sephora

By LeafTV Contributor

How to Get a Job With Sephora. Getting a job at Sephora is not for everyone. To do the job well, you need to fit the part by knowing cosmetics and perfumes, taking care of yourself and knowing which products to recommend. But don't stress out too much. You can learn some of these skills on the job. Showing you're passionate about looking good is a great start to getting the job you want.

Step 1

Visit your local Sephora store. Take into account the wide variety of products they sell. Ask yourself if you're willing to put in the work to learn the difference between Chanel No. 5 and Curve. If this doesn't excite you, look for another job.

Step 2

Discover what works best for your skin in makeup, scent and lotion. Managers and customers at Sephora will judge you on how you present yourself. If you can't find a look for yourself or don't care to, it's quite possible you won't be able to do the same for another person. Look the part.

Step 3

Speak with a current Sephora employee to see if she had any specialized training before she was hired. Ask for her advice on what steps to complete to ensure getting hired.

Step 4

Go to the store one more time and pick up an application. Take the application home, fill it out and return it. Filling it out in the store looks desperate.

Step 5

Ask for the manager when you return to the store. When the manager arrives, hand the application directly to her with your best smile.