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Leather belts have changed very little in style over the years and this accessory can last decades if treated well. A leather belt that has sat nicely rolled up in a drawer will eventually form a curl and curve that can affect the fit of the belt and cause the end to curve inward or outward when you are wearing it. Luckily, leather is pliable and can be shaped with a little heat or steam.


Place the belt on a hanger. Thread the belt buckle on the hooked end of a hanger, allowing the belt to hang vertically.

Apply weight. Clip a heavy binder clip on the end of the belt and hang various items on the end of the clip until the belt is straight.

Apply steam. Hang the belt in the bathroom and close the bathroom door. Turn on the shower and let the room fill with steam. Continue to run the shower until, when the clip is removed, the belt only curves slightly.

Hang the belt with the clip in a dry space for a few days to completely remove the curl.


Prepare the belt. Place the belt flat on an ironing board with a thick paper grocery bag or a thin towel over the belt.

Iron. Set the iron to a low setting such as silk and go over the belt slowly, but with constant movement. Do not let the iron sit on any one spot of the belt for more than a second. Iron the surface of the belt, going over it multiple times.

Add weight to set the belt. Apply weight to the top of the belt evenly. Heavy books work well for this task. Let the weight sit on the belt for a few hours before lifting and checking the curl of the belt. If there is still a slight curl, re-apply the weight and check again in a few hours.


Turn off the iron and unplug it when you are done to prevent burning.