How To Freeze Boiled Peanuts

Boiled peanuts are a longtime Southern tradition prepared by simply boiling raw, shelled peanuts for hours in salty water. By the end of the process, the peanut shells are soggy and the peanuts have taken on a delightfully earthy flavor. Boiled peanuts are typically enjoyed with a cold beverage outside, where the messy shells--that quite often squirt salty liquid when cracked open--can be tossed to the ground. The shelf-life of boiled peanuts is short. They generally last just a few days before they begin to go bad. However, if frozen properly, boiled peanuts will last as long as you can resist them.

Pour boiled peanuts into a colander to drain the brine. Gently shake the colander to remove as much excess brine as possible.

Cool boiled peanuts to room temperature.

Pack cooled boiled peanuts into freezer-safe, air-tight, moisture-proof containers. Seal the tops of the containers well.

Store in your freezer at 0 degrees F or lower. If stored and frozen properly, boiled peanuts will keep indefinitely.


  • Freeze boiled peanuts in several small containers. This way, when you want to eat some you won't have to defrost your entire stock at once.

  • When you are ready to enjoy your boiled peanuts, simply remove them from the freezer and thaw.