Oysters entree
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Oysters can be found on warm beaches of the ocean. Unless you live near the coast, it is nearly impossible to find fresh, never frozen oysters. For those who have to settle for the frozen variety, there are certain steps you must take to properly defrost them. Oysters have a mild flavor that can easily be ruined with improper defrosting technique. They are also highly perishable, so you must be cautious when dealing with them.

Put the frozen oysters in a large container with a lid. Do not leave them in a bag; it could leak when the oysters defrost.

Put the container of oysters in the refrigerator.

Take the oysters out between 20 and 24 hours after placing them in the refrigerator. A slow defrosting time ensures the oysters will retain their flavor.

Use the oysters the same day they finish defrosting.


Do not refreeze oysters.