How to Fix Thin Eyebrows

By Natalie Baker

Thin eyebrows can be the result of over-plucking, a medical condition or simply hereditary. Whether you have gotten a little carried away with the tweezers or simply want to fill out your naturally sparse brows, there are a few simple steps you can take to create the illusion of fuller and thicker eyebrows. Eyebrows frame your face and the right shape and thickness can actually make you look more youthful. Although over-plucked brows won't grow back overnight, the process doesn't need to be painstaking.

Close up of eye
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Fix thin eyebrows with a couple of key products.

Step 1

Don't pluck your brows for several weeks. Resist the urge to reach for the waxing strips or tweezers when you're trying to grow out your brows. Allow several weeks before plucking so that your brows can grow back to their natural shape.

Step 2

Use an eyebrow pencil to gently fill in any sparse areas. Select a pencil that closely matches the color of your natural brows. Use small light, feathery strokes to keep the brows looking natural and gently fill in any patchy areas. Apply the pencil, step back and look in the mirror. Add more gently and slowly until you are satisfied with the look.

Step 3

Set the pencil using a brow powder and angled brush. Choose a powder that matches the natural color of your brows. The powder will soften the look of your brows and help the pencil stay put.

Step 4

Brush your brows through with a clean mascara brush to gently blend the products together and tame any unruly strands of hair.

Step 5

Sweep a brow gel or clear mascara through your brows to help set the shape and color for brows that will stay in place all day long.