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When a man gets an unflattering or bad haircut, he has the option of taking the cut shorter to even it out. If a bald spot occurs as the result of a clipper malfunction, trim the hair as short as possible so it will blend in with the bald spot. Since hair grows about a half inch per month, a bad haircut grows out pretty quickly.

Comb through your hair and locate the shortest patches of hair. You will cut the rest of your hair to this length.

Determine the clipper guard you need by running the guards through the hair around the shortest part. Choose the guard that is the same width as the length of the hair. Clip the guard onto the clippers, making sure it snaps on tight and stays in place when you apply pressure.

Turn on the clippers and cut the hair by running the clippers, guard toward the scalp, through the hair against the hair growth. Cut the hair using short, overlapping sections. Go over the hair several times with the clippers to make sure you get all the hair.

Comb through the hair against the hair growth, checking for long sections of hair. Trim any long hair you may have missed.


Sometimes clippers leave long strands of hair. Shampoo your hair and towel dry to spot long hairs. Trim up any long pieces with the same clipper guard you used for the cut.


Keep the guard against your head. Do not turn the clippers upside down and try to cut your hair with the back side of the guard. It will give you more bald spots. Keep the writing on the back of the guard toward your head at all times.

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