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Almost every girl is familiar with the sinking feeling of having her flat iron quit working at an inconvenient time. If your flat iron turns off for periods of time for no apparent reason, makes sparking noises, or turns on when the appliance is bumped, there is a good chance it has short circuited. Luckily, this problem is usually simple to fix. After learning these simple steps, no girl should ever be forced to leave the house in a ponytail again.

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Confirm that power is off at the outlet your device is plugged into. Check the outlet and plug for any evidence of brown or black discoloration. Keep an eye out for melting and/or exposed wires. Also be aware of any smells of burning material. If you notice any of these warning signs, call an electrical professional in order to reduce the chance of electrocution or fire.

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Unplug the flat iron and wait for a few seconds. If the flat iron was dropped or the electrical cord was pulled out too far, it may have loosened or disconnected from the outlet.

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Turn the power to the outlet back on. Plug the flat iron back into the outlet. Press the red RESET button on the electrical plug. Next press the yellow TEST button located directly below RESET. The RESET button should pop up when you do this. Press the RESET button back in again to restore power.

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Turn the flat iron power switch to ON and check to make sure the small red LED light stays on. If it does, then you have fixed the short-circuit problem. If it does not, it is likely that there is a problem with the appliance itself and you will need to contact the manufacturer's customer service office.