In '80s movies, wearing glasses was a sign that a character was unpopular. Today, everyone rocks glasses – from supermodels to rocket scientists. They've become such a coveted accessory that even people with perfect vision wear glasses with nonprescription lenses. But like any accessory, glasses can either accentuate your best features or highlight the things you're not so fond of. Identifying your face shape is the first step toward finding that perfect pair.

Finding Your Face Shape

You know your eye color and freckle patterns by heart, but do you know what shape best describes your face? That's an important thing to figure out before shopping for glasses. One easy way to do it is to take a close-up selfie of your face and use your phone's editing features to draw an outline around your face. Alternately, go low-tech and draw an outline of your face in the bathroom mirror using lipstick or grease pencil.

The Oval Face

Having a face that's longer than it is wide is a good thing when picking out glasses. Most styles of frames will work on an oval face. Look for glasses that are slightly wider than your face, which should help balance your proportions. Steer clear of rounded frames and pick square or angular frames instead. Experiment with oversized frames; people with oval faces can often pull off styles that would be overpowering on others.

The Round Face

If your face shape resembles a circle, avoid round frames. They'll only accentuate the roundness. Instead, look for square or rectangular frames that are on the large side. Small or rimless frames tend to make the face look rounder, whereas large and angular frames should make the face look longer.

The Heart-Shaped Face

If your face is widest at the forehead and narrow at the chin, look for frames that are at least as wide as the face and are rounded at the bottom. They'll help balance out a pointed chin and wide forehead. Pick glasses with thicker frames and thin temple pieces.

The Square Face

Square frames on a square face is just a whole lot of squareness. Avoid that blocky look by picking frames that have some curves and angles. Rounded or oval frames, or dramatic horn-rimmed or cat-eye frames, are all flattering for square faces.

Getting the Perfect Fit

Identifying your face shape and some potentially suitable styles is only half the battle. The frames that perfectly suit one person's face may be completely wrong on someone with the same face shape. Finding the right pair of glasses for your face may require trying on dozens of pairs. The frame color should flatter your eye and skin color; your eyes should be centered in the frames; and the fit on the bridge and ears must be comfortable.

Don't commit to a pair in the store. As you put pairs on and take them off, they can all start to blend together in your mind. Instead, take selfies in a variety of frames and take a day to review them and get input from trusted friends before committing to the purchase.

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