How to Find the Perfect Haircut for Women

By Aja Dorsey Jackson

There are many different looks to choose from when it comes to women's haircuts, but it is important to know what haircut works best for you before making your decision. Your face's shape, your age, hair texture and lifestyle all play a role in determining your perfect haircut.

Finding the Perfect Haircut

Step 1

Determine your face shape. If your face is round, you will want to choose looks that lengthen and make your face appear slimmer. Longer, layered cuts work well on round faces. You can also wear shorter cuts, but be sure to wear layered cuts to avoid creating too much fullness around the face.

Step 2

Women with long faces should steer clear of very long hairstyles without layers as this will elongate the face even more. Layered cuts that are shoulder length or shorter work well on women with long faces.

Step 3

Women with square faces should choose cuts that soften the jaw line. Very short cuts may make the jaw line appear more square. Cuts with bangs or layers around the chin are good for women with a square faces.

Step 4

If your face is oval, you may look good in a wide variety of cuts. The one thing to avoid with an oval face is a haircut with too many layers. This can create too much volume and overpower your face.

Step 5

Determine your hair texture. Women with very thick hair should avoid blunt cuts as they can create too much volume at the bottom of the hair, making it take on a triangular shape. If your hair is very fine layered styles can make your hair appear to have more volume.

Step 6

Consider your lifestyle. A very trendy haircut may look great with your face shape and hair texture, but may be wrong for you if it is very high maintenance and you have little time to style your hair or visit the hair salon. If you love being able to pull your hair into a ponytail when you are running low on time, you want to make sure that the haircut allows you to do that.

Step 7

Find pictures of hairstyles you like that work with your face shape and hair texture. There are hundreds of pictures in magazines and online. Browse through the pictures and find hairstyles that you like.

Step 8

Consult a hairstylist. Make sure to bring pictures of hairstyles that you like to your appointment. Have an idea of what you do and don't want prior to your hair appointment. A hairstylist will be able to take your preferences, face shape, hair texture and lifestyle into consideration and create a look perfect for you.