A great hairstyle can really affect the way you feel about yourself. When you have the right style for your face and frame as well as your hair type you will feel so much more confident. A new hairdo that makes you feel good about yourself is very liberating. It can help get you out of a rut and even give you the courage to go after the guy you have had a crush on or ask for the promotion you know you deserve. The right hairstyle indeed holds a lot of power, yet finding it can be much easier said than done.

Determine the shape of your face. Pull your hair back completely off your face and study it in the mirror. Figure out if you have an oval face or a round face. You could also have a square face or a heart-shaped face as well. The shape of your face makes a huge difference in what type of hairstyles will work for you. Once you know what kind of face you have you can look in magazines and style guides for hair tips pertaining to your particular face type.

Accept the frame of your body. You need to make peace with your figure and work with it instead of against it in order to find the right hairstyle. If you have broad shoulders you will want a style with some volume to balance your shoulders instead of a really sleek hairdo that will make your shoulders seem even larger than they actually are. Just as an individual with a longer neck will want to avoid super short styles that draw all the attention to the neckline and opt for a medium or long length style that keeps the neckline in proportion with the rest of the body frame.

Take your hair type into consideration when choosing the right style. If your hair is really thin and straight then a style that looks great on a person with very thick and wavy hair will not work as well for you. People with fine hair will typically look better in shorter styles with a slight bang to draw attention to the face. Whereas people with really coarse hair usually find longer styles work better for them.

Be realistic about your lifestyle. You need to consider the way you live when choosing a hairstyle. If you do not have a lot of time to devote to fixing your hair each day then you will want to choose a low-maintenance style. You also need to consider how you live when you think about highlighting and coloring your hair. You need to be certain you will have the time as well as the budget to do upkeep on your hairstyle to keep it looking great.

Try some styles on for size. It is a good idea to visit a website that allows you to upload a photo of yourself to try styles and colors on to see how they look before you actually start cutting and dying your hair. There are many virtual salon sites to choose from that are free to use. You will not get a completely accurate depiction of what the style will look like on you, but you will gain a lot of very useful insight as to what direction you should probably go in concerning your hairstyle.


  • Consult a professional. Cosmetologists are trained hair professionals. Speak candidly with your stylist about what you are looking for in a hairstyle. Then be open and willing to listen to their suggestions. After all, this is why they are the professionals.