How to Fake a Mole Like Cindy Crawford's

By LeafTV Editor

How to Fake a Mole Like Cindy Crawford's. That little mole to the left of Cindy Crawford's lips has made her authentic beauty famous. In the world of fashion, little imperfections are often considered faux pax. Cindy and her mole have broken the mold, and made a little imperfection something to talk about. If you want to embellish your own authentic beauty, you, too, can have a mole like Cindy Crawford. Read on to learn more.

Step 1

Buy your supplies. You can find everything you need to make your fake Cindy Crawford mole in a costume supply store. You will need some flesh colored putty or wax, an eyebrow pencil slightly darker than the color you would like the finished mole to be as well as skin-safe adhesive and spirit gum remover oil to remove your mole.

Step 2

Cut off a small amount of the modeling putty or wax from the package. The amount you use will depend on the size of mole you want to create. Break of the tip of the eyebrow pencil and add it to the wax. You should use one part eyebrow pencil to three parts putty or wax. Eyebrow pencils work better than eyeliner pencils, as they tend to be softer.

Step 3

Roll the putty or wax and the portion of eyebrow pencil between your fingers. As you work the putty or wax it will warm and soften. Work the "mole" until it has an even-colored consistency. If you would like a darker mole, add a bit more eyeliner pencil.

Step 4

Form the mole into its finished shape and apply a very small amount of skin-safe adhesive to the back of the mole, and another touch to your skin where you will apply the mole. Hold the mole in place for a few minutes to allow the adhesive to dry, and you have the perfect Cindy Crawford mole.

Step 5

Apply spirit gum remover oil to the end of a cotton swab. Rub the swab around the edges of the mole when you are ready to remove it. Do not forcefully pull off the mole, or you may damage your skin. Wash the area well with soap and water after removal.