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It can be frustrating to realize that a cashmere sweater, which normally costs upwards of $100, is the wrong color for you. Whether you recently purchased your cashmere sweater or have had it for years, dyeing the sweater with Rit can make it into a new sweater for you. By following several guidelines, you can ensure that you change the color of the fabric without compromising the integrity of the wool.

Fill your sink or bucket with hot water. You should use 3 gallons of hot water and a package of Rit powder -- or half a bottle of Rit liquid -- for each pound of clothing; therefore, for a single cashmere sweater that weighs 1/2 lb. would need 1.5 gallons of water and half a package of powder or one-quarter bottle of liquid.

Add the dye to the hot water and mix until thoroughly dissolved.

Wet your sweater in a separate sink or bucket of hot water until it is soaked through. Gently lower the sweater into the bowl or sink filled with Rit dye until it is thoroughly submerged.

Stir the sweater constantly for between 10 and 30 minutes, depending on the level of color desired. You can always go back and dye it again if the first layer of dye is not rich enough.

Hand rinse the sweater in warm water, gradually turning the tap to cool until it runs clear.

Wash the sweater by hand using gentle soap and warm water; rinse it using cool water.

Lay your sweater on towels to dry flat. This may take 24 hours before it is fully dry.