By Charong Chow

Since 2008, rose wine has been outselling white wine in France. A rose is a pink-colored wine that is made from red, purple or black grapes. The skins are only in contact with the juice for a short time, thus creating the pink hue. It was a commonly held belief that you drank rose only in the summer, but you may drink it any time. Dry and fruity, chilled rose wine pairs with Mediterranean cuisine and Asian delicacies, among other international fare, as well as most American foods.

Dry and fruity rose wine pairs well with most foods.

Step 1

Refrigerate your bottle of rose wine for two hours. Ideally rose wine is best when its temperature is approximately 51 to 54 degrees Fahrenheit.

Step 2

Remove the foil around the top of your rose wine bottle. Uncork the bottle with a corkscrew or other type of wine bottle opener.

Step 3

Pour your rose into the center of a white wine glass, which is smaller than a red wine glass and tulip-shaped. Pour until the glass is just under half full, and tilt up your bottle and rotate it when you are done pouring to prevent dripping.

Step 4

Swirl your glass by pressing its bottom into the table while creating a circular motion with your hand. This increases the wine's contact with air, releasing its aroma.

Step 5

Smell the wine before drinking by bringing the glass to your nose to capture the aroma of the rose. You may store the wine in the refrigerator for up to five days. Let the wine warm up in the room, approximately 4 degrees Fahrenheit every 10 minutes, to the wine's optimal drinking temperature.