Control of the coloring of white wine
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Spanish white wines are generally light, dry and made to be drunk young, meaning they are ready to drink upon release and do not benefit from aging. Spanish white wines are not as heralded and popular as their red counterparts, such as rioja. They are, however, pleasant wines that pair well with light dishes.


Albarino grapes are Spain's most popular white grape and noted for yielding wines with citrus aromas of grapefruit and lemon together with notes of peaches and almonds. Because of the wine's high acidity, the taste remains light, dry and fresh. The wine has relatively high alcohol levels between 11 to 13 percent. Albarino wines pair well with any type of fish and shellfish.


Verdejo is dry and somewhat similar to sauvignon blanc, with aromas of green grass and melons. These aromas combine with fruit flavors of peaches, pears and apricots. Verdejo is versatile and pairs well with spicy foods, cheese and smoked salmon.


Airen is the most widely grown grape varietal in Spain. It represents about 30 percent of all grapes grown and produces light, dry, white wines with aromas of lemon and apple combined with flavors of citrus fruits. The best of the wines have the scent of fresh roses. Airen goes well with fish and seafood dishes.

Vina Reboreda

Vina Reboreda is a blend of four grape varietals that produces wines with a pale yellow, straw color and aromas of peach, almonds and tropical fruit. Vina Reboreda is light, dry and crisp, with flavors of apple, pear and grapefruit. It pairs well with chicken and fish dishes.