By Tarah Damask

Among the wine regions of the world, Germany is a region that produces a good deal of wine. Germany's wine country, according to, is very beautiful and a great attraction to tourists; there are yearly open-air wine festivals. Like any region rich with vineyards and wineries, there are particular wines that are well-known as "German wine."

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Riesling states that this white wine is Germany's premier grape variety in terms of the area of the Riesling-producing vineyards. explains that Riesling is golden-yellow in color and has green reflections. It is fruity and fresh with delicate acidity.

Grauer Burgunder (Ruländer, Pinot Gris)

According to, this white German wine is food-compatible, sleek and dry. explains that the color is yellow-gold with even brown reflections; Grauer Burgunder is rich, glowing and spicy in taste.

Gewürztraminer (Traminer)

Gewürztraminer, explains, is an "old, traditional variety prized for the high quality of its wine." This white German wine has a distinctive, pronounced bouquet and flavor. Drinkers of Gewürztraminer, states, compare the wine with the likeness of lychees or roses.

Spätburgunder (Pinot Noir) says that "in Germany, the Spätburgunder is to red wine what the Riesling is to white wine: the cream of the crop." According to, this German red wine is dark-red in color; Spätburgunder has a delicate aroma and is known to taste like blackcurrant or blackberry.


According to, this red German wine is a specialty wine, notably good with desserts. It is a fruity wine, bright red in color, with an aroma of nutmeg.

Dornfelder explains that Dornfelder, a red German wine, is a newer German wine variety that is typically of a higher price point. describes Dornfelder as deep purple in color with a full body and smell.