How to Dress to Flatter a Top-Heavy Figure

By LeafTV Editor

How to Dress to Flatter a Top-Heavy Figure. The apple-shaped figure is larger on top than on the bottom. This generally translates to broad shoulders, a large bust, narrow hips and slim legs. The trick to feeling stylish, confident and happy with your body type is choosing clothing with the right cut for your shape. Here's how to put outfits together that flatter a top-heavy figure, downplaying "problem" areas and highlighting your best features.

Dress to Flatter a Top-Heavy Figure

Step 1

Get measured for a bra at a department store or specialty lingerie store. Many women wear the wrong size without realizing it, and that can lead to sagging and bulging for those with large busts. A high quality underwire bra should raise your bust to about midway between the shoulder and the elbow.

Step 2

Purchase a few jackets or cardigans that hit the hip line and skim the figure rather than cutting in at the waist. This will provide a visual illusion of a more balanced figure.

Step 3

Avoid breast pockets or details around the chest area; they'll just call more attention to a large bust.

Step 4

Choose bottoms that have a flared cut, like A-line skirts and flared pants. The volume on the bottom half of your body will give a figure more balance.

Step 5

Avoid high necklines, which make the bust look more expansive. V-neck, scoop, wrap and sweetheart necklines break up the expanse of the chest.

Step 6

Wear dark colors on top and light colors on the bottom. Shiny, bright or light colored fabric on top draws attention.

Step 7

Select flat-front pants and skirts with a low rise. Pleats and gathers just add volume to the waist area, making you look more bulky.

Step 8

Play up your legs with skirts that hit a few inches above the knee and high heeled shoes.