How to Dress Like Kat Von D

By Hallie Engel

The first lady of body art, Kat Von D is one of America's top tattoo artists and rose to fame with appearances on the reality shows "Miami Ink" and "LA Ink". Von D has a fierce, edgy style that's all her own, but it's easy to replicate for a sultry, rock 'n' roll-inspired look perfect for showing off your favorite tats.

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Kat Von D own's High Voltage Tattoo, a studio in Los Angeles.

Cool Clothes

Deck yourself out in casual, sexy clothes with a dark edge to channel Von D. Pair black skinny jeans or leggings with a hip-slung belt. Add a vintage T-shirt from a classic band like Guns 'n Roses, or wear a black tank, tube top or halter instead. Top it off with a black motorcycle jacket or leather vest. Don't shy away from anything distressed or elegantly tattered – skin-exposing rips and tears are an essential element of her dangerously sexy style.

Von D's Tresses

Mimic Von D's long, shiny hair by adding a volumizing product, like mousse, to damp hair and drying it with a round brush for lots of bounce. Create waves with a curling iron or rollers, or flat iron it straight, as Von D likes to mix it up. Though she's usually seen with black tresses, Von D has also gone blonde, purple and red, so choose the color that works best with your skin tone. Chunky, eye-catching highlights are another Von D fave.

Mad About Makeup

Turn up the intensity with black eyeshadow, winged liner and mascara. Don't be afraid to smudge shadow with your fingers for smoky eyes, and follow Von D's advice and "just tap into what inspires you." Von D even has her own makeup line, so pick up a few of her products, like Studded Kiss Lipstick in dramatic shades like matte blood red, for a look she'd approve of.

Rock the Accessories

When it comes to handbags, Von D doesn't do dainty, so grab an oversized black leather purse and toss it over one shoulder. Motorcycle boots, platform pumps and sky-high stilettos are classic Von D picks, and you'll get bonus points for anything with spikes or studs. Add a handful of bangle bracelets, a leather cuff and shoulder-grazing earrings, and a hippie-style headband that encircles your forehead.