How to Dress Like Ingrid Bergman

By LeafTV Editor

Ingrid Bergman could wear anything and look fabulous. It's difficult to believe that her refreshing look was almost tarnished by Hollywood movie execs who hoped to transform the Swedish import into a typical Hollywood starlet. She stood her ground and wouldn't cap her teeth, pluck her eyebrows or change her name. Bergman was an immediate succes in the States. However, it was the movie "Casablanca" (1942) where she made her ultimate style impact. Set with exotic Morocco as the background, this movie consistently ranks near the top of lists for the greatest movies of all time.

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How To Dress Like Ingrid Bergman


Get a brimmed hat or fedora. Both Bergman and co-star Humphrey Bogart made hats look cool. They tilted their hats to give them a mysterious appeal.

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Get a khaki blazer or trench coat. Bergman looked classic yet adventurous in khaki.

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Wear a skirt that hits below the knee. Should you choose to wear the blazer, get a matching skirt to create a well-fitting suit.

Get a white-collar button down shirt. Bergman wore this beneath her blazer.

Get a black clutch. Bergman finished her outfit with a basic black clutch.

Get a sheer white scarf. Wrap the scarf around your head to look as elegant as Bergman.

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