Amelia Earhart, the famous female aviation pioneer, was also a fashion icon. She was such a celebrity that in the early '30s, she even designed her own fashion label. Earhart's signature wool pants, bomber jacket, and tall boots remain relevant to fashion today. Modern -day fans can bring some of her pioneering spirit to their wardrobes without flying across the Atlantic.

The classic bomber jacket that Earhart wore has remained an essential style piece decade after decade. Opt for a dark brown leather jacket with a few buckles, offset zipper, tailored waist and full collar. Pair it with a white blouse and some dark wash denim to create her signature look without going full aviator.

Bombers works with nearly any dress, jeans or and even shorts because it is so classic. Wear it with a colorful spring dress for a feminine touch. Update it with some '70s-inspired aviator shades.

Amy Adams sported a pair of skin-tight camel pants when she played Earhart in Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian. However, Earhart would have worn a pair of slightly looser wool or khaki pants that were suited to flying long distances. For a modern approach to this retro style, wear dark wool trousers or khaki pants in a narrow, tapered cut. Also look for slightly darker khaki for a more modern style.

Layer on a thin leather belt and tuck in a bright, feminine blouse. Add some black or brown pumps or mid-calf military boots to command attention at the bottom. Pair the pants with a structured, dark brown blazer for a modern office look with a nod to retro style.

The little details of this aviatrix's style made it memorable. Capture some of Earhart's resilient spirit with brown or black leather knee-high boots with playful buckles or laces that go all the way to the top of the boot.

Wrap your neck with a light scarf in a gentle peach, baby pink or cream. For added punch, tie it into a large bow for a '30s look right from Earhart's fashion line. Layer over a long gold or silver chain necklace for an extra feminine touch. Top off your look with a close-fitting cloche hat or wide, shimmery headband that wraps around the hairline and covers your ears. In winter, don a flap-eared cap for a true aviation look.

If you need a quick costume, then dressing as this pilot serves well for any age group. Pair some tapered wool or khaki pants with a pair of knee-high black or brown leather boots. Clip on suspenders and leave them hanging down over your hips.

Layer on a plain white button-up shirt with a brown leather jacket. Add a white scarf around your neck and put on some aviator goggles. You can wear the goggles on the top of your head for comfort and style. If you can't find professional goggles, buy large, round swim goggles and paint the edges with black and metallic paint for a quick aviation fix.


Put longer hair up in hot rollers and pin into a faux bob for a true nod to the '30s. Spritz shorter hair with texturizer and shape into playful waves to capture Earhart's playful 'do.