How to Dress Like a True Southern Girl

By Tabitha Harwell

Bring out your inner Southern style by wearing the appropriate clothing. Southern ladies are known not only for their perfect hospitality and lovely accents, but for their proper, yet classic, attire. Creating your own Southern ensemble is easy to do with items you may already own. Look to Southern beauties like Carrie Underwood for inspiration on the perfect combination of a classy and sophisticated look. In addition to style, the Southern belle always displays appropriate manners and a gracious demeanor.

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A woman relaxes in a lace dress in the grass.

Step 1

Wear a dress as the foundation of your outfit. Southern girls have a multitude of dresses in light to dark colors. The dresses may contain patterns or texture such as florals or lace. The most common dress length for a Southern girl is tea length, which hits just below the knee; however, with modern times and changing trends, you can wear a dress that ranges from knee length to ankle length.

Step 2

Accessorize the dress with pearls. A true Southern girl usually has a matching set, typically handed down from a mother or grandmother, that consists of a necklace, bracelet and earrings. While there are other options for accessorizing a dress, pearls are the most notable. If you want to expand your accessory options, opt for gold or silver accessories to wear with the dress.

Step 3

Pull on a pair of nude color stockings when the weather is cool. If the weather is warm, you can skip the stockings. The stockings should have a matte finish and never be shiny.

Step 4

Pair nude heels with the dress to elongate the legs or choose another color that coordinates with the dress. Southern girls love their shoes and often have a wide collection of choices. Pair colorful pumps with the dress or choose a strappy sling-back heel.

Step 5

Carry a clutch bag to hold your wallet and other personal belongings. The clutch is simple to coordinate and easy to maintain. If you prefer larger handbags, then choose a structured top-handle bag or a satchel. The handbag should coordinate in color with the outfit.

Step 6

Wear a hat to keep the sun out of your eyes. Large sunhats or cloche hats are often seen gracing the heads of Southern ladies. During formal events, such as the Kentucky Derby, Southern ladies wear large, fashion-forward hats to complement their outfits. If hats are not your style, consider a pair of oversized sunglasses in a classic black or brown color.