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Polka dot dresses are always in style, but they are best accented with accessories such as jewelry, scarves, shoes, hats and purses. Having the correct accessories can either make your entire outfit a hit or miss. Fashionable polka dot dresses are usually shorter, a little above the knee, with short sleeves. This type of dress creates a great template for adding accessories.

Decide on a certain color you want to wear to accent the polka dot dress. This depends on what color the polka dots are. Common styles are black, red or white polka dots. If your dress is black and white polka dots, accent it with a couple black or white pieces of jewelry, then add a colorful scarf or purse such as red, green, blue or yellow. Use your favorite color to accent the dress colors.

Narrow down the types of accessories you want to wear. This may depend on the size of the polka dots on the dress. For larger polka dots, stick to a couple large accessories. If the polka dots are smaller, stick to a couple smaller accessories and one large one. It is overload to wear a scarf, a hat, a purse, a belt, and earrings, a necklace and bracelets. Narrow it down to combinations such as a colorful scarf, then to a pair of earrings and chunky bracelets that are the same color; or a large purse along with a hat, a necklace and a belt.

Do not over accessorize. You want the accessories to accent the polka dot dress, not bring the eyes away from it. Also, do not bring multiple colors to the accessories. Some examples: If you have a black and white polka dot dress, use a simple red hat, detailed black purse, red pumps, and black and white bracelets. Or, if your dress is white and red polka dots, wear a black belt cinched around your waist, black shoes, red earrings and a black purse.


Accent the dress with a large fake or real flower pinned in your hair or on the waist. If you choose to do this, keep this as the main accessory and do not add a belt, hat or large purse. Make the flower a bright accent color, such as a red flower with black and white polka dots.

Make sure your shoes are not too detailed or complicated. A simple pair of sandals or pumps are ideal, in a solid color. If they are too strappy or tall (like stilettos) it can overpower the style of the dress.