How to Dress Like a Hippie, Bohemian, Free-Spirit

By Sarah Vrba

The 1960s and '70s exploded with fearless new fashion trends as hemlines rose to daring new lengths and kaleidoscopic prints bubbled up from the underground. And as counterculture trends traveled from the street to the runway, they were adopted by the mainstream fashion world. Luckily, the 60s bohemian look has remained cool. So pick up some of those good vibrations by blending free-spirited hippie styles into your wardrobe and interpreting them in a new, modern way.

Gossamer Gown

A floral maxi-dress in a light chiffon or silk is the quintessential bohemian fashion piece. Opt for a spaghetti strap dress with a bold floral pattern, a loose fit, and a ruffly flounce or fringe for a '60s infusion. Go for a dress with a geometric pattern and a more structured fit for a '70s twist on the bohemian vibe.

Pair the dress with a braided belt, flat leather sandals and a large, fringed purse. Channel Stevie Nicks and throw a large, fringed shawl around your shoulders and slip on some suede boots for cooler evenings and an alternative rock edge.

Short Chic

The summer wouldn't be complete without sassy, free-spirited short shorts. Combine some high-waisted, light wash denim shorts with a cotton peasant top in white or a warm color, such as red or yellow. Go bold and opt for an off-the-shoulder top and cut-off shorts for a slightly rougher edge.

Layer over a fringed leather vest in a light brown. Slip on a pair of leather or beaded thong sandals, some rounded sunglasses a la John Lennon, and a soft wide-brimmed hat. Alternatively, swap the hat out for a beaded headband worn over your forehead. This look works for a weekend getaway, a music festival or lunch on a warm day.

I Dream of Jeans

No boho-chic look would be complete without a pair of bell-bottom jeans. Look for jeans with a light wash, a high-waisted cut and plenty of ankle room to revive the late-'60s and early-'70s fashion spirit.

Top off the jeans with a cloth or beaded belt in a vibrant color, a simple T-shirt tucked into the jeans, and a lengthy pendant necklace. Dress up the look with a tailored jacket in a bright color and a bright silk scarf tied around your neck.

Mini Me Oh My

The '60s made mini-skirts an official part of the fashion landscape. Choose a dress that hits midway up the thigh with a high, babydoll waistline in featherweight lace or floaty cotton. Wide sleeves -- either flared or in a voluminous blouson shape --revives the classic counterculture look of the '60s. The fuller the sleeve, the more free-spirited the effect.

Add some metallic bangles, a pair of wedge heels and a large, woven textile purse to the mix for an instant throwback to bohemian style.