How to Dress An Apple Shaped Figure

By LeafTV Contributor

Are your legs and hips are slimmer than your upper half? If so, you may fall into the apple category. The apple is one several general body shapes for women, including the pear, hourglass and ruler shapes. The most flattering clothing styles will help you appear narrower in the shoulders and waist and accentuate your best features, which are your legs and chest. Here are some tips that will help you in dressing for your body shape.

If you carry your weight around your middle, then you're an apple shape.

Step 1

Choose tops and sweaters that skim your body and fall straight down to your hips, elongating your figure. Bulky tops and chunky knit sweaters are not flattering for your figure type. Also avoid ruffles, as they add volume. Frilly tops will not be as flattering on you as sleek shirts. Thin layers look good on apple shapes. Try layering a camisole with a long, body-skimming, simple cardigan. Opt for V-necklines, as they will draw attention away from your shoulders.

Step 2

Avoid jackets with shoulder pads or any sort of ornamentation on the shoulder, such as buttoned tabs or epaulets. Also avoid double-breasted jackets. Choose blazers which button just below the bust (no higher, no lower). The most flattering jacket length is exactly at the hip.

Step 3

Use accessories to create slimming, vertical lines. A long scarf or a chunky, long necklace are good examples.

Step 4

Invest in support garments. Because apple-shaped figures tend to have larger breasts, make sure you are wearing a very supportive, perfectly fitting bra.

Step 5

Choose shorter skirts that show off your legs. Flared or A-line skirts will balance out your torso. Also, a tiered, ruffled skirt may be very complimentary to slim hips and legs, which are charactistic of apple-shaped figures. Avoid straight skirts.

Step 6

Choose pants that have a flat front (no pleats)! Pants that have a slightly lower rise than your natural waist are a good pick. Make sure your pants are not too tight (to avoid a muffin top). Since apple-shaped figures have flatter butts than other types, try to find pants that have big back pockets, preferably with flaps. Avoid skinny or tight jeans and jeans with tapered ankles. Boot-cut or flared leg pants are best.

Step 7

Keep your waistline raised. Empire-waisted styles look great on nearly everyone, and a raised waist takes attention away from your middle. Steer clear of wide belts, low-waisted styles and any clothing that cuts your middle in half visually. Avoid horizontal stripes.

Step 8

Keep your colors dark on top and light, bright or patterned on the bottom. Try a patterned skirt with a bright top. Or choose a black sweater over a bright dress. Khaki pants with a navy sweater would look fabulous.