How to Do Your Makeup Like a Go-go Dancer

By Linda Mastrangelo

The Go-go girl style -- made famous by 60's icons like Laugh-In's Goldie Hawn or Warhol's Factory Girl, Edie Sedgwick -- have inspired pop stars over the decades, including Madonna and Lady Gaga. To recreate this look, the face is the place to begin and the more sexy and dramatic the makeup, the better. Whether it is for a Halloween party or the professional stage, all you need is a bit of finesse, an hour's time and a large amount of supplies.

When it comes to makeup for the go-go dancer, the cat-eye look is a must.

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Step 1

Start with a clean palette. Wash your face gently with facial cleanser and splash with cold water. This helps close pores. Dry your face by dabbing gently with a clean towel and moisturize your face and neck with facial cream.

Step 2

Dot your forehead, nose, cheeks and chin with liquid foundation using a clean finger. Apply foundation evenly on your face and neck by dabbing with a makeup sponge. Add more foundation where coverage is needed like on blemishes or scars.

Step 3

Dip a large makeup brush in loose facial powder. Remove any excess powder by tapping the brush on the side of the container. Apply powder lightly and evenly over your face and neck until you achieve a matte and finished look.

Step 4

Accent cheeks by using a large makeup brush. Start at the apple of the check and brush upward on the cheek bone.

Step 5

Apply bright eye shadow color to the lids of both eyes for a base. Apply silver eye shadow below the brow line following the natural arch.

Step 6

Close one eye and pull tautly -- but gently -- with fingers to smooth eye creases. Outline the top of the eyelids using black eyeliner at the lash line, starting from the inner corner and extending past the outer corner of the eye to create a cat-like look. Repeat this technique with the other eye.

Step 7

Add another outline of black following the eyelid crease using black eyeliner to finish the cat-eye look. Repeat this technique with the other eye. Apply eyeliner to the lower lash line on both eyes.

Step 8

Close your eyes and dust lightly with loose powder using a large brush to set the eye makeup. Curl eyelashes with an eyelash curler. Apply a few coats of black mascara on your lashes or apply false eyelashes to create a spider-leg effect.

Step 9

Apply pale, pink lipstick and finish with lip gloss for sexy, supple lips.