How to Do Your Hair for a Concert

By Amy Lukavics

When you're styling your hair to prepare for a concert, it's best to sport a pretty but sensible 'do. Whether you will be attending a concert to watch or you are playing on stage, it's best for the front of the hair to be pulled away from the face. This way, you can enjoy the concert to its fullest without having to worry about hair blocking your view. Using a braid in your style can add a fun touch to any style--elegant or edgy.

Step 1

Brush the hair thoroughly to remove tangles and snags. Part the hair on the side, using the middle of either eyebrow as a position guide.

Step 2

Gather a 1-inch section of hair that frames your face and divide it into three sections. Place the piece on the left between the other two pieces. Place the piece that is now farthest to the right in between the other pieces. Repeat the braiding pattern, adding a small amount of new hair to the pieces each round. As you work your way down, the braid should be pulled tight with your fingers, so it rests against the head.

Step 3

Use two bobby pins in an X-formation to secure the face-framing French braid behind your ear. Spray the braid with hairspray; then pat it down to avoid frizz.

Step 4

Style the rest of the hair to match the vibe of the concert you are attending. For a classical concert, a sleek bun that rests low on the back of the head or slightly to the side is elegant. For a rock concert or something more upbeat, try securing two pigtails with hair ties before using bobby pins to transform them into messy buns.

Step 5

Spray the entire style with hairspray to hold.