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The Rusk ponytail is an updated version of the traditional ponytail cut. The ponytail cut provides perfectly layered hair when it's done properly. The Rusk ponytail cut blends the layers differently through the way the hair is parted, the number of ponytails involved and the placement of the ponytails. The Rusk ponytail results in layers that show more and are blended less than a traditional layered cut.

Start with clean and wet hair.

Make a part that starts at the temple and extends toward the back of the head to a length of two to three inches. Make this part on both sides of the head, make sure the parts are exactly the same length. Connect the two parts with a zigzag part. Gather this section of hair into a ponytail that's perfectly centered on the top of the forehead.

Create a second section, starting a part at the point where the temple part meets the zigzag part on the first section. Draw this part in an arch, following the curve of the head, dividing the hair not in a ponytail into two equally sized sections. End the part at the same point on the other side of the head, where the temple part meets the zigzag part on the first section. Pull this hair into a ponytail that's perfectly centered on the head and in the middle of this section of hair.

Create the last section of hair by gathering all of the loose hair into a ponytail that's centered on the head and at the very top of this section of hair.

Start the rusk ponytail cut at the top section of hair. Comb the ponytail straight up and perfectly smooth. Cut the hair to the desired length, cutting straight through the ponytail. Comb again and trim away any ends that were missed with the first cut. Section the pony tail into three equal parts and cut very small V shapes into each smaller section to texture the hair. Flip the ponytail forward and repeat this process on the remaining two ponytails.

Remove all of the ponytails and comb the hair thoroughly. The final cut is a textured shag style layered haircut.


If the hair begins to dry, spray it with a spray bottle of water.

Comb each section of hair perfectly smooth in it's ponytail.

Center each ponytail perfectly in the center of the head. If the ponytail isn't centered, the hair cut will not be even.

Use the comb handle to make sure the parts are the same length and the ponytails are in a straight line down the middle of the head.

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