How to Do Side Cornrows on a Girl's Hair

By Kylene Arnold

Cornrows are one way of styling African-American hair, but anyone, regardless of race, can twist her locks into these tiny braids. Create this hairstyle using a technique similar to French braiding, but weave the braids underneath to give them body instead of crossing the side strands over the middle section. The number of styles you can create is limited only by your imagination, but one method is to begin the braids on one side of your head and weave them toward the other side.

Cornrows use a weaving technique similar to French braiding.

Step 1

Dampen your hair by washing and towel-drying it or by spraying it with water from a spray bottle.

Step 2

Comb your hair free of tangles, then part it where you want the cornrows to begin.

Step 3

Separate a small section of hair with the end of a rat-tail comb, then clip the rest of your hair back.

Step 4

Separate the section of hair into three equal strands.

Step 5

Cross the left strand under the middle strand so it becomes the new middle strand. Then, cross the right strand under the new middle strand. End the first stitch by crossing the left strand under the middle strand again.

Step 6

Pick up a small amount of hair from beneath the braid with the end of the rat-tail comb, and add it to the middle strand. Then, braid another stitch.

Step 7

Continue the process of braiding, adding hair to the middle strand, then braiding again until you reach the end of your first cornrow. Then, twist the end, and secure it with a rubber hair band.

Step 8

Separate another section of hair to begin another cornrow. It can be on the same side of your head as the last cornrow or on the opposite side.