Sasuke is one of the main characters from the popular anime series Naruto. While fans of the show that are looking to imitate Sasuke's look might not have too much trouble finding the right costume, getting Sasuke's hair just right will likely prove to be more of a challenge. Here's how you can pull it off.

Grow your hair until it is roughly two or three inches in length.

Cut about half an inch of hair from the top of your head. Don't cut the front sides of your hair or the hair at the back of your head; you will need the hair in these areas to remain a little longer to emulate Sasuke's hairstyle.

Continue to grow your bangs until they are just in front of your eyes.

Continue to grow the hair on the front left and front right sides of your head until it reaches your jawline.

Part the hair at the front of your head using a comb.

Wet your hair then use a comb to lift and extend your bangs upward. This will create the elevation that is seen is Sasuke's hair. Use some styling gel to help keep the hair in place.

Spike the back of your hair by straightening it upward and using styling gel to keep it in place.

Apply hair spray to finalize the hairstyle.