How to Do Makeup for an 18 Year Old

By Brooke Julia

It's important to learn the proper techniques for applying makeup as well as when it's appropriate to wear certain styles. Natural, fresh looks look attractive on young girls for daytime wear. Subtle differences can transform this look to a more dramatic one for nighttime, but heavy makeup should be avoided. Apply makeup gently, without tugging on the skin, and always wear a moisturizer with sunscreen to protect youthful skin. Choose soft, subtle colors that compliment rather than shock.

The right makeup will create the fresh look you want.

Step 1

Wash the face before applying make-up. Apply moisturizer with an SPF of 15 or higher to block harmful UV rays. Moisturizer helps seal the foundation and creates a smooth base for the makeup. Moisturize the lips with colorless lip balm.

Step 2

Apply a light foundation to the skin with a big foundation brush, using gentle rubbing motions. Choose a foundation that is one shade lighter than the skin's tone. This gives a perfect palate to build upon. Those will clear skin can skip this step.

Step 3

Pop a neutral eyeshadow all over the eye to begin with, such as a sand or bone color. Use a clean, spare eyeshadow brush to blend this color into the lid. Brush a color two to three shades darker into the socket bone, following the natural contour of the eye, and run it gently under the eye, keeping close to the lower lash line. Blend this color with your clean brush. Follow this with a darker shade on the outer third of the lid and the outer edge of the socket bone. Blend again.

Step 4

Run a pencil line over the top of the lashes with the soft eyeliner from corner to edge. Push the eyeliner pencil upwards at the edge of the eye and smudge it gently. Apply eyeliner to the upper water line, which is the thin area beneath the upper lashes, to darken the lashes.

Step 5

Apply mascara by wiggling the wand back and forth on the lash and then flicking outwards. Lashes should fan in three directions: the inner lashes towards the nose, the middle lashes outward and the outer lashes towards the temple. Repeat with the lower lashes.

Step 6

Brush on face powder. Whisk the brush under the eyes to remove any shadow or mascara that has fallen down onto the cheek.

Step 7

Apply blush to the apples of the cheeks and blend it gently upwards. Blush should match the natural shade of the cheek when sporting a rosy tan.

Step 8

Apply a light, neutral lipstick. Rub lips together and top with a clear or pale gloss.