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Juice punch is an easy-to-make and popular drink for wedding receptions, birthday parties, and just about any other gathering. Adding a carbonated beverage, such as 7-Up, adds extra zing to otherwise bland punch. You can pair 7-Up with orange juice, pineapple juice, cranberry juice or just about any other juice mixture. You may also add sherbet to the punch for extra flavor.

Chill the two-liter bottles of 7-Up and two gallons of juice in the refrigerator overnight, or buy the 7-Up and juice from a store’s refrigerated section so they are already chilled.

Place a clean punch bowl on the serving table. Pour in one gallon of juice. Add half of a liter bottle of 7-Up.

Mix the juice and 7-Up with a ladle and taste the mixture. Add more juice or 7-Up as needed.

Scoop small balls of sherbet into the punch a few minutes before serving, if desired. The sherbet adds extra flavor and makes the punch colder.

Place leftover 7-Up and juice back in the refrigerator and make more punch as required.


If serving the punch with ice cubes, keep the ice in a bucket and put it in cups. Pour the juice over the ice in the cup, rather than adding the ice directly to the bowl and diluting the punch.

Mix pineapple juice with orange juice for a tropical punch.