Trifle dessert

Traditional trifles consist of a layer of cake (generally drizzled with alcohol) followed by fruit, custard and whipped cream. If your bowl is deep enough, you can repeat these layers. Ideally, you should make trifle in a fairly deep glass bowl, as this presentation allows your guests to admire the trifle's colorful layers. Refrigerate the trifle for at least a few hours before offering it to your guests. Serve the trifle to showcase its colors and layers.

Select matching clear glass serving containers for your trifles. Although this step is not required, the clear glass adds to the delicate elegance of the dessert by allowing each guest to see the layers of fruit, cake and custard in his individual bowl. Arrange the serving containers within easy reach of your work area.

Scoop out a section of the trifle with a large spoon. The spoon should be big enough to easily lift an entire portion of trifle in a single scoop, as this allows you to keep the layers more intact than if you were using a smaller spoon. Scoop all the way down to the bottom of the dish to ensure you pick up all the layers in the bowl.

Slide the trifle gently from the large spoon into each of the individual serving containers. Try to keep the orientation the same as in the original dish, with the bottom part of the trifle going into each container first. Be as gentle as possible to preserve the layers and avoid mixing up the trifle.

Serve the trifle to your guests with your choice of either a dessert fork or a dessert spoon (or both) for each guest.