How to Do Japanese Hairstyles

By LeafTV Editor

Extremely straight hair, a blunt cut and "piecey" bangs are staples of Japanese hairstyles. Most Japanese men and women have naturally straight hair, and they use it to their advantage by letting it flow loose. Elaborate bangs and fringes give hair personality and style. Anime cartoon characters are also a major inspiration for these styles. Male and female hairstyles are very similar, with men's hair usually a few inches shorter than women's hair.

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How To Do Japanese Hairstyles


Straighten your hair. If you already have naturally straight hair, you're one step ahead. If your hair is wavy or curly, you will have to straighten it if you want an authentic Japanese hairstyle. Consider going to a salon for Japanese hair straightening, which is a chemical process that permanently straightens hair. Otherwise, you can use a blow dryer or straightening iron to achieve the look temporarily.

Get a blunt or layered cut. Most Japanese women prefer a blunt cut, but many also like to add layers to give hair more texture. Short and medium-length cuts are particularly popular for both men and women.

Cut blunt bangs that go straight across your forehead, or side-swept bangs that slightly cover one eye. Men prefer shorter bangs that sweep to the right or left.

Rub some pomade or mousse between your palms. Apply to your bangs to separate the strands and achieve that "piecey" look. Men may prefer creating a faux-hawk, which is a small Mohawk achieved by lifting some of the hair around the crown.

Spritz hairspray all over your hair to hold the style.


  • Add body by slightly flipping the ends of your hair inward or outward. Tease the hair at your crown with a comb to add volume.