How to Do Hairstyles

By Ashley Leonard

For many, hair is the most important feature on a person's body. When your hair looks good, you feel and look good. Creating different hairstyles can be a very thrilling experience, having a look that other individuals would enjoy. It is typical for a person to go to a hair salon, but many don't have the time nor the money to get their hair done professionally on a weekly basis. To supplement the hair salon experience, there are many hair products that can create the professional hairstyle people want. Here are a few steps on how to create different hairstyles.

Step 1

Wash your hair using any shampoo desired. After the shampoo, condition the hair to create a healthy feel and look.

Step 2

To create a curly style, use the curling iron. Take the hair in small sections and curl it using the iron.

Step 3

To create a straight look, use the straightening iron. Take the hair in small sections and straighten it with the iron, from root to end.

Step 4

Creating an updo is a simple task. Brush the hair up. Decide whether you want the bun at the nape of your neck, the middle or high up. After you have decided the placement of your updo, take a hair tie and make a ponytail. Twist your ponytail up into a bun and pin it securely using bobby pins.

Step 5

After you have created your desired hairstyle, secure it with hair spray. The hair spray will prevent fly-aways and will keep the hairstyle in place for the entire day.