How to Do Chola Makeup

By Samantha Cabrera

Chola girls are typically Latin American young women who are part of the lowrider culture. They are known for their dramatic makeup at all times of the day and usually wear baggy or tight clothing. In the mid-90s, girls throughout southern California began to adopt Chola makeup techniques, such as overdrawn eyebrows or very dark lipstick.

Cholas often wear very dark lipstick as seen here.

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Step 1

Apply foundation. Cholas are known for wearing heavy coverage when it comes to foundation. Makeup should be apparent. Dot foundation on the forehead, nose and cheeks and blend out with a makeup sponge. Repeat with another layer for a very made-up look.

Step 2

Apply eye primer. This allows eye makeup to stay put. For those with darker skin tones, this will also allow colors and the cut crease technique to be prominent. Apply primer from the upper lash line up to the brow bone. Using the flat shadow brush, cover the eyelid and brow bone with the light shadow. Pack on the color.

Step 3

Use the eyeliner brush to pick up the darker shadow and create a cut crease effect. To do this, apply dark eye shadow to the crease of the eyes and slightly above. Use the flat shadow brush to blend the color out. Refrain from blending too much, as cholas wear their eye makeup with harsh lines. There should be a slight gradient effect. Apply eyeliner to the top lash line, using a thick line. Add mascara.

Step 4

Define eye brows. Using the brow pencil, define brows, creating a more prominent angle at the natural arch. Go over the brows with brow pencil repeatedly to achieve the overdone look cholas are known for.

Step 5

Line lips with dark lip liner. Most cholas wear very dark lip liner in plum, burgundy or sometimes even black. For wearing dark lipstick, apply lip liner and fill in the lips with the dark lipstick.

Step 6

Cholas sometimes opt for lighter lip shades. When wearing more neutral lipstick in brown or nude, cholas still line their lips with dark lip liner. For this look, apply the lipstick first and then go back and line lips.