How to Do Bollywood Makeup

By Rochelle Connery

Mysterious eyes, colorful lips and flawless skin typify Bollywood, which Princeton University defines as India's film industry. Many women desire makeup applications similar to those of a Bollywood superstar, such as Aishwarya Rai, whose unblemished skin and dramatic eyes characterize several Bollywood movie roles. Bollywood makeup differs from typical Hollywood makeup in that women often use shimmery, exotic eye shadows and accentuate or mimic almond-shaped eyes by drawing thin strokes of eyeliner all around the eye.

Step 1

Apply foundation all over the face using an application sponge. Makeup artist Cory Walia recommends using foundation that matches the skin tone instead of pink or peachy tones that discolor the skin.

Step 2

Dab concealer over any dark pigmented areas, blemishes and dark circles. One trick to a successful Bollywood makeup application is to make skin look as flawless as possible. Do not rely on the foundation alone to cover up skin imperfections.

Step 3

Brush eye shadow primer across both eyes from the bottom of lids to beneath the eyebrows. Determine the desired eye shadow design. For a royal look, choose shades in gold and red. For an exotic look, pick green, purple, blue or pink tones. Brush a light-colored shimmery eye shadow from the inside of the eye to the center of the lid. Apply the darker color from the center of the eye to the outer corner, making sure to brush to just beneath the brow bone. Darker shadows do not have to be different colors; they can be deeper shades of the color applied to the inside of the eye. Do not blend.

Step 4

Add additional shadow to the eye using the brown eye shadow for golden tones or the dark gray shadow for colored and smokey eyes. Brush in a "V" shape from the outer corner of the eye. This elongates eyes and makes them appear almond-shaped.

Step 5

Line eyes all the way around with liquid eyeliner. Draw only on the outer portions of the eye. According to the University of Illinois at Chicago Department of Ophthalmology, lining the inside eyelids can make corneas susceptible to damage and infection.

Step 6

Paint upper and lower eyelashes with mascara. According to makeup artist Cory Walia, mascara is key to making Bollywood eyes stand out.

Step 7

Deepen and thicken eyebrows using an eyebrow pencil that matches or is one shade darker than the natural brow color. Arch the eyebrow as much as possible, but do not make the top of the arch pointy. Eyebrows should look rounded.

Step 8

Apply light pink blush to cheeks with a blush brush. Do not deepen cheeks to a bright pink, as this detracts from eyes and lips.

Step 9

Draw a dark brown shade of lip liner around lip edges. Fill lips with a moist, light-colored lip gloss. Do not use matte lipstick.