How to Do a Surfer Haircut

By Audrey Farley

For decades, surfer haircuts have remained in style. Both males and females wear surfer haircuts, which are distinguished by their messy, tousled look. Surfer haircuts are especially popular in the summer, but they can be worn year round. Achieve the "disheveled from the beach" look to make a surfer haircut.

Surfer hairstyles are typically highlighted or blond.

Step 1

Dampen the hair by spraying with a water bottle. Avoid soaking the hair, as slightly wet hair is the easiest to cut with scissors. Part the hair in the middle and comb thoroughly to the tips.

Step 2

Place the hair on the top of the head in a large clip, if the hair extends to or past the shoulders. Cut the bottom hair first, gradually releasing hair from the clip and working your way through the hair from the bottom to top layers.

Step 3

Make choppy, somewhat haphazard cuts to the hair with scissors. Since surfer hair is messy and disheveled, hair need not be perfectly even. Add layers to the hair by cutting the hair on the top and sides of the head shorter than the hair at the bottom and nape of the neck. For long layers, allow several inches between layers. For shorter, more subtle, layers, allow 1/2 inch between layers.

Step 4

Brush cut hair from the neck and face. Style by adding a dollop of mousse or gel to your hand and running this product through the hair with the fingers. Mess the hair with the mousse or gel and allow to dry to create a surfer style that will last all day.