By Christina Schnell

Styling your flowing locks can be considered a perk of being a female. If you play sports, however, those flowing waves need to be as secure as your shoe laces on game day. Hair that falls in your eyes or a ponytail that whips your cheeks can be unsafe and distracting. Some athletic associations require that an athlete secure her hair in such a way that it doesn't threaten her visibility or other's safety. The sports bun is a messy but reliable way to secure hair of all lengths and textures.

Pair your sports bun with a stretchy headband to prevent whispy flyaways.

Step 1

Brush your hair upward and together approximately 4 to 6 inches above the nape of your neck. Hold the hair in a bundle using your dominant hand.

Step 2

Use your non-dominant hand to thread your hair through the elastic at least once.

Step 3

Twist the elastic and re-loop the hair back through as though you were making a ponytail. Stop before releasing the last 4 to 5 inches of your ponytail on the final pull-through. The result should be a secure loop with an inch or two of hair ends poking out from under the elastic.

Step 4

Fasten hair pins or barrettes along your bangs and over your ears. This secures layered hair and loose wisps away from your eyes during practice or a competition.