The bouffant hairstyle was popularized in the 1960’s by Jackie Kennedy. The term bouffant refers to any large hairstyle that’s created by backcombing and the use of a large amount of hair spray to secure the hair into place. It isn’t difficult to do, but it is a time consuming process.

Things You'll Need

Wash your hair, towel it dry and add a generous amount of hair gel.

Start blow drying your hair upside down from the roots to create that height.

Use the large round brush while blow drying your hair to create the large rolls in the bouffant hairstyle.

Curl your hair with the large hot rollers or a wide barrel curling iron to complete the large rolls.

Backcomb each section of rolled hair with a small-toothed comb, so your hair is as tall as it can be all the way around your head.

Smooth the very top layer of hair using a wide-tooth pick to gently shape your final look.

Spray your hair with a high quality, strong hold hairspray to keep your bouffant hairstyle from falling.


  • To create a bouffant with long hair, smooth it into a headband, then roll small sections in a wide barrel curling iron. Spritz each roll with hairspray and pin the ends in. Do this until all the hair is rolled and liberally spray with hairspray.