How to Do 80s Bangs

By LeafTV Contributor

In the '80s, hair was all about volume and side parts. To be the coolest girl in school, you had to have the biggest, fluffiest, highest bangs. Whether you want to relive your days of glory, rock an '80s Halloween costume, or you just really like the look (it's OK, don't be ashamed), you must have relatively thick bangs or a lot of them to pull off this look.

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Can you make your bangs this big?

Step 1

Plug in a curling iron to heat it up. Also, work with hair that isn't freshly washed; it will hold the style better.

Step 2

Split your bangs into two horizontal sections. Separate the top layer of bangs to roll them onto the curling iron. Roll them away from your face. Hold in place for a few seconds.

Step 3

Wrap the bottom layer of bangs around the curling iron down toward your forehead. Hold in place for a few seconds.

Step 4

Let your bangs cool. Then tease your bangs using the comb. Fan them out well so the two sections don't look separate.

Step 5

Hold the upper most bangs upward while you liberally spray them with hairspray (preferably Aqua-Net if you can find it). Spray the rest of the bangs after setting them in just the right place fanned out and up. If necessary, tease them some more after the hairspray has stiffened them.